HUBER Solutions for the Treatment of Municipal Wastewater for Reuse

Sufficient purified municipal wastewater can be reused for many purposes, eg for irrigation of parks, flushing toilets, for washing laundry or vehicles and as cooling water for air conditioning systems , or as a process - washing or cooling water in industry.

It is often necessary that conventionally biologically treated sewage must be cleaned before reuse on.

HUBER offers the following products for this task:

With both the sand filter and the ultra-fine mesh screen smallest solids are eliminated and a significant reduction in bacterial will be achieved. A complete disinfection of the wastewater is ensured by subsequent processes such as the chlorination or UV disinfection.

A particularly high cleaning performance is achieved with by use of membrane bioreactor technology. Here, the entire cleaning process is already running as HUBER Membrane Activated Sludge Process. It's effluent (permeate of the membrane bioreactors) is free of solid particles and bacteria. These are ideal conditions for reuse of waste water.

Wastewater is not only a source of water - with our HUBER Solutions wastewater can also be a source of heat: Our HUBER Solutions for heating and cooling with watewater are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.