Sludge Screening

Efficiant and reliable sludge screens for removal of disturbing solids (e.g. plastics, hair and fibres) to prevent disruption of subsequent sludge treatment processes and equipment.

Reused sludge should not contain any debris. Even where the raw wastewater is fine-screened, some more solids can be removed with our sludge screens.

  • We use our STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner SP for removal of disturbing solids, e.g. hair and fibres. Sludge is pumped through the unit; removed solids are simultaneously compacted.
  • Our ROTAMAT® Sludge Screens Ro3 serve for pre-treatment of imported sludge, e.g. septic sludge. Screenings are simultaneously washed and compacted.
  • Our ROTAMAT® Wash Drum RoFAS screen-out coarse solids from sludge; the solids are washed in the drum and subsequently compacted.