Efficiente rimozione ed elevazione del grigliato

  • Elevata efficienza di separazione
  • Semplice da inserire in canali esistenti, nessuna o minime modifiche richieste.
  • Trasporto del grigliato a pavimento
  • Spaziatura da 3 o 6 mm

The variable installation angle ensures

  • Optimal adjustment to individual hydraulic conditions, such as limited upstream levels due to preceding pumping stations
  • Operating reliability due to tailor-made layout


The STEP SCREEN® System is widely accepted and successful due to its function and easy-to-follow operation principle as well as the simple cleaning method without any aids (self-cleaning effect according to the counter-current principle). It is furthermore easy to maintain and able to handle extremely big screenings volumes while it offers also a high operational reliability.

The motor linkage drive has been developed from the well-proven and patented link system. To the benefit of our customers we intentionally avoided difficult-to-maintain chain drives. With the new linkage type we are able to master the occurring bending moments on the lamellae, especially with high water levels.




Benefits of STEP SCREEN® SSF:

  • Functional principle:
    Lifting of screenings at bottom level due to a special bottom step design
    Gentle and complete screenings transport due to the counter-current principle
  • Retrofitting / new plants:
    Optimally adjustable to individual hydraulic conditions due to the variable installation angle
  • Flow rate:
    High capacity; the flow passes the screen surface only once
  • Separation efficiency:
    High separation efficiency due to the narrow slot width and the produced screenings carpet
  • Cleaning:
    Self-cleaning effect due to moveable lamellae (no spray water, no brushes)
  • Operational stability:
    Reduced susceptibility to grit, gravel and stones due to the bottom step washing system
  • Pivoted screen:
    Without the need to remove the subsequent wash press or transport unit
  • Protection against corrosion:
    Manufactured from stainless steel and acidtreated in a pickling bath
  • Experience:
    Unrivalled for more than 20 years



Principio di funzionamento

Principio di funzionamento

Principio di funzionamento SSF



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