HUBER Group International News

Plant for mono-incineration of sewage sludge in Hanover-Lahe: HUBER Disc Dryers successfully lifted in 18.11.2021  | Another milestone in the Hanover-Lahe project of sludge2energy GmbH: The two HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry® units 2050 M were successfully lifted into place in early November 2021. [leggi]
NEW: HUBER and sludge2energy GmbH on LinkedIn 16.11.2021  | HUBER and sludge2energy GmbH (S2E) continue to expand their media presence and have now been active on the social network LinkedIn for a few months. [leggi]
Now online: New website of sludge2energy GmbH 02.11.2021  | New website presence for sludge2energy GmbH: The new S2E website has been online since Wednesday, 27 October. [leggi]
Guinness World Record: HUBER supplies technology for the world’s largest water treatment plant in Egypt 21.09.2021  | Clean water for the Sinai Peninsula: The water treatment plant in Bahr El-Baqar (Egypt) has recently been awarded by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest plant of its kind. Every year, more than two billion cubic metres of water are to be treated here on an area of about 650,000 square metres. The Berching-based company HUBER is supplying, among other equipment, 128 SOLSTICE® sludge turners for the large-scale projec, from which about half a million people will benefit in the future. [leggi]
“Upcycling instead of drainpipe“: HUBER SE supports project “Every drop counts” in Neumarkt Region 30.07.2021  | HUBER SE supports the project “Jeder Tropfen zählt” (“Every drop counts”) for the collection of used cooking fats and oils from private households in the region. The Berching-based company helps the initiators Hubert Zenk and Heiko Lesch in financial form. In the Neumarkt region, collection machines are located in Berching and Freystadt. [leggi]
European politician Manfred Weber and delegation of the Christian Social Union informed themselves at the HUBER main site 21.07.2021  | MEP Manfred Weber visited the headquarters of HUBER SE in Berching with high-ranking CSU politicians from the Neumarkt constituency [leggi]
New Animation: Fully automated solar drying system for large quantities of sludge 09.06.2021  | HUBER's solar drying system evaporates up to 3 tons of water per year on one square meter of surface. We have developed a fully automated plant system that offers up to 2.5 hectares of drying surface: the system takes over the wet sludge at a transfer point and guides the dry granules until they are discharged, e.g. into containers. HUBER’s solar drying system reduces sludge by 70,000 tons per year, making it suitable for large wastewater treatment plants. In the following animation at YouTube we present our solution which is already in use at various plants in a similar form. [leggi]
Video: HUBER Solutions for Wastewater and Waste Treatment in Industrial Companies 05.05.2021  | HUBER offers complete and tailor-made solutions from a single source also in the sector of industrial wastewater and residue treatment. A new informative video shows how HUBER can support industrial companies in a variety of industries with their specific wastewater problems - in the manufacturing sector as well as in recycling industries.   Get inspired and informed too by our short trailer on YouTube! [leggi]
Ecco come stanno andando attualmente i lavori all’impianto di monocombustione dei fanghi di depurazione a Halle-Lochau della S2E GmbH 24.11.2020  | Sludge2energy, una società affiliata di WTE Wassertechnik GmbH e HUBER SE, ha iniziato la sua attività nel 2018 in qualità di committente per la costruzione di un impianto di monocombustione dei fanghi di depurazione. Come luogo di installazione è stata scelta una località con buoni collegamenti di trasporto nel cuore della Germania tra Halle (Saale) e Lipsia. L'impianto è integrato nel parco per l’economia circolare della gestione dei rifiuti (AWH) sull’area di discarica di Schkopau, attualmente in fase di ricoltivazione. Secondo la programmazione attuale, la messa in servizio ed il collaudo dell'impianto di essiccazione a nastro e di combustione dei fanghi è previsto per il 3° trimestre del 2021. [leggi]
Video: Complete wastewater treatment at the Øygarden wastewater treatment plant in Norway 17.09.2020  | An impressive large-scale HUBER project in Norway recently went into operation: In Øygarden, one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in the country was built - with innovative and optimally matched HUBER technology. Watch the following video to get an impression of the entire purification process at this remarkable wastewater treatment plant. [leggi]
Project Newsletter: Recent Holistic concepts for thermal sewage sludge utilization 05.08.2020  | With the sludge2energy process, a secured and energy self-sufficient thermal utilization of the generated sewage sludge quantities can be ensured permanently. The process is based on the combination of a sludge dryer and subsequent combustion in a fluidized bed furnace.   Read about recent projects of sludge2energy GmbH with effective and future-oriented concepts for solving the sewage sludge disposal emergency in the newsletter below. [leggi]
Sludge2energy GmbH e la Città di Straubing danno forma al futuro dei fanghi di depurazione in Baviera 27.07.2020  | La decisione dei cittadini del 2019 è stata il segnale di partenza per il progetto di monoincenerimento dei fanghi di depurazione a Straubing. Il 9 luglio, l'appalto riguardo i processi tecnologici dell'impianto è stato assegnato alla società sludge2energy GmbH, con sede a Berching, in consorzio con HUBER SE e WTE. [leggi]
HUBER extends its range of coarse screen systems with the HUBER Grab Screen TrashLift 10.06.2020  | Whether large debris, large-volume flotsam or suddenly occurring heavy rainfalls, the HUBER TrashLift protects your sewage treatment plant. The fully automated system is really easy to operate. Discover it for yourself! [leggi]
IFAT 2020 is canceled—next IFAT: May 30 to June 3, 2022 24.04.2020  | After intensive discussions with industry associations, partners and many exhibitors from all segments of IFAT, the fair was now canceled with a heavy heart, after it has already been postponed from May to September. The next IFAT will now take place from May 30 to June 3, 2022. [leggi]
HUBER USA – Nuova sede aziendale con nuove possibilità 05.03.2020  | La HUBER è attiva negli Stati Uniti già dalla metà degli anni 80. Le prime attività iniziarono tramite un partner commerciale che produceva alcune macchine HUBER in qualità di concessionario. Alla fine degli anni 90, la HUBER ha poi istituito una società affiliata propria che ha acquisito col tempo una posizione significativa nel settore delle acqua reflue nel mercato nordamericano. [leggi]
HUBER SE receives order for world's largest solar sludge drying plant 02.12.2019  | A huge new sewage treatment plant for a treatment capacity of 5 million m³ per day is currently under construction in Egypt. The treated water will be used for the irrigation of agricultural land on the Sinai Peninsula. A total of 128 HUBER Slugde Turner SOLSTICE® units will ensure the reliable drying of the approximately 475,000 t dewatered sludge generated annually. [leggi]
Forum di esperti sul recupero dei fanghi di depurazione 17.10.2019  | In collaborazione con entrambe le case madri WTE e HUBER SE, il 1° ottobre 2019 sludge2energy GmbH ha organizzato per la prima volta nel nord della Germania un forum di esperti sulla tematica del recupero dei fanghi di depurazione. [leggi]
HUBER ha ospitato presso Milchwerk Jäger la 1° “Giornata del Latte” 25.09.2019  | In collaborazione con Milchwerk Jäger GmbH, HUBER SE ha recentemente presentato la 1° “Giornata del Latte”. Ad Haag in Oberbayern circa 50 partecipanti appartenenti al settore lattiero-caseario hanno ricevuto di direttamente dall'azienda produttrice informazioni su temi attuali in materia di acque reflue. [leggi]
”Sewage Sludge Day” at HUBER 26.07.2019  | Scientists, planners and plant operators met to discuss the challenges of sewage sludge disposal on 23 July 2019 at an expert forum organised by HUBER SE. More than 300 guests had come to inform themselves and listen to the excellent presentations of the experts that both provided an overview of the legal framework and showed practical solutions. [leggi]
1000 sewage treatment plants with a HUBER Service and Maintenance Contract in Germany 08.04.2019  | It was just on April 1 that we could celebrate the signing of the 1000th Service and Maintenance Contract with a sewage treatment plant in Germany! The plant is located in Jagstzell, a municipality in the Ostalbkreis, a district in the east of Baden-Württemberg. [leggi]
Groundbreaking Ceremony for HUBER Technology, Inc. North American Headquarters 18.03.2019  | HUBER Technology, Inc. began construction on a new facility which will serve as both the Headquarters and manufacturing center for the North American arm of the business. To be completed by the end of the year, the new facility at Charlotte metropolitan area in North Carolina will be able to house a growing staff as well as support a multi-million dollar manufacturing operation. [leggi]