Co-operation pays off!

Facing adverse working conditions in the narrow building
Upstream view of the screen after successful installation

A close co-operation between planners, customers and suppliers is paramount for a successful project. The following case history is one example from a number of successful projects. A stormwater overflow tank near Bregenz (Austria) is equipped with six HUBER High Performance Flow Screens.

A variety of machines and equipment is available from several suppliers in the field of wastewater treatment.  These are frequently available only in defined sizes and cannot be tailored to specific site requirements. HUBER offers a wide range of different products in many defined sizes. However, project-related layout and technical advice are readily available for each individual project. This has also been the case with the project near Bregenz on Lake Constance planned by engineers Rudhardt & Gassner, Bregenz for the water authority client Hofsteig. The project requirement was to pass 9000 l/s through a horizontal flow screen taking into account specific site operating conditions.

Following a site visit by HUBER representatives it became clear that it would not be possible to place the screens into the customer's existing structure because of specific construction difficulties. These difficulties were overcome by careful preliminary planning and consultation with the local engineers and particularly the inventiveness of Huber's  fitters who managed to overcome the specific site obstacles.

A special requirement was a low noise emission stipulation due to local housing estates situated within 10 m of the site itself. The HUBER High Performance Flow Screen HSW has a wastewater-protected linear electric chain drive (not a hydraulic drive) and was able to exactly meet this requirement.

A further challenge was to meet the requested hydraulic requirements whilst considering the configuration of the customer's building. A further consideration when choosing the correct screen was consultation with the planning engineers with respect to the problem free operation of the sewer network as a whole. Once again the close cooperation with Rudhardt & Gassner and the water authority Hofsteig resulted in the creation of the best hydraulic solution for the whole project.

The six HUBER High Performance Flow Screens have now been operating without problems for two years. The close co-operation and mutual trust between all associated parties has proven to be advantageous in providing the best technical, cost effective and reliable solution and should be regarded as a model for all future projects.